Guinness St. Patrick's Day Sheepdog Gathers Men to the Pub

 - Mar 11, 2012
References: blameitonthevoices & fwi
Guinness has trained the best ever St. Patrick's Day sheepdog that instead of herding sheep, herds humans. For all the men that seem to get sidetracked, even when it comes to drunken festivities, this dog is the ideal solution. The commercial features a series of tests that the sheepdog must go through. With the owner whistling instructions, the group of sidetracked men are successfully herded away from alluring television sets, Indian cuisine and even (with a little more effort) pretty dancing ladies.

The entire expedition was narrated by two Irish commentators in hilarious detail making the St. Patrick's Day sheepdog an instant favorite for being so adorable, funny and effective. For all the men in the world that just want to be drunk all day long on St. Patrick's Day but have got lazy companions, the Guinness sheepdog is exactly what they require!