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Mainstream Mockumentary

Young adults embrace brands using sarcastic video marketing

Implications - Appealing to a very web-based, Millennial demographic, marketing using satire and sarcasm has been turning heads. Organizations ranging from activist groups to Cadbury and Kraft Foods have used tongue-in-cheek faux documentaries to target the young adult market, speaking with them using their own dialect.
5 Featured, 30 Examples:
253,072 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Aug 10 — Mar 13
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Carnival Therapy Mockumentaries
Carnival Therapy Mockumentaries
The Centrifuge Brain Project by Till Nowak Trials Impossible Rides
The Centrifuge Brain Project by Till Nowak is one of the most hilarious mockumentaries I have seen, poking humor at ridiculous science research techniques. The plot features Dr. Nick Laslowicz from... MORE
play_circle_filled Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene Ads
Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene Ads
The OB Earth Day Initiative Boasts Eco-Friendly Tampons
Famous for its applicator-free tampon, this feminine hygiene company is capitalizing on the eco-friendly advantages of its products in an ingenious way with the OB Earth Day intiative. Just in time... MORE
Funny Entrepreneur Mockumentaries
Funny Entrepreneur Mockumentaries
Cadbury 'Meme Myself and I' Series Launches on MTV Australia
As part of Cadbury’s Boosted Inspiration campaign, which aims to celebrate creatives and people who “seek to start stuff,” the company has launched the Cadbury ‘Meme Myself... MORE
play_circle_filled Nature Mockumentaries
Nature Mockumentaries
'The Majestic Plastic Bag' Ups Awareness & Support for Plastic Bag Ban Bill
'The Majestic Plastic Bag' mocumentary is a satirical look at the lifecycle of a plastic bag. It enumerates survival strategies and threats that the plastic bag encounters in 'the wild.' The video is produced… MORE
play_circle_filled Future Film Prophecies
Future Film Prophecies
'Ghosts With Shit Jobs' Tells the Story of Post-Collapse North America
In the soon-to-be-released mockumentary 'Ghosts With #### Jobs,' the financial collapse of the United States is complete and what little work exists for the native North Americans is ostensibly outsourced… MORE

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play_circle_filled Phallic Food Videos
Phallic Food Videos
Tenacious D 'Low Hangin’ Fruit' Music Video Pops Cherries
Fairy Tale Murder Commercials
Fairy Tale Murder Commercials
The Three Little Pigs Advert by The Guardian Tells a Dark Story
play_circle_filled Killer Apocalypse-Saving Tweets
Killer Apocalypse-Saving Tweets
The '#Zombies: Followers of the Dead' Video Saves Lives
Fashionable Feminine Hygiene
Fashionable Feminine Hygiene
U by Kotex Limited Edition Designer Series Offers Stylish Protection
play_circle_filled Male-Mocking Documentaries
Male-Mocking Documentaries
'Random At Best' Takes a Look at the Male Douche
Tampon Stun Guns
Tampon Stun Guns
The Pink Stinger is a Discrete Self-Defense Device
Alternative Sanitary Products
Alternative Sanitary Products
Mooncup Ltd. is an Award-Winning Ethical Business
play_circle_filled Comedian Mockumentaries
Comedian Mockumentaries
'Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" is a Hilarious Faux Biopic
Tampon Sponges
Tampon Sponges
These Sea Pearl Sea Sponge Tampons Ensure an Eco-Friendly Period
11 Memorable Mockumentaries
11 Memorable Mockumentaries
From Horror Mockumentaries to Mockumentary Viral Marketing
play_circle_filled Comeback Mockumentaries
Comeback Mockumentaries
Ralph Macchio ‘Wax On, F*ck Off' Faces a Mid-Life Crisis
play_circle_filled Plastic Bag Bans
Plastic Bag Bans
California May Be First State to Outlaw Single Use Plastic Bags
Medical Use Tampons
Medical Use Tampons
The Mademoicell Stem Cell Collector by Chelsea Briganti
Stylish Feminine Needs Storage
Stylish Feminine Needs Storage
The ‘Tampurse' is a Fashionable Way to Hold Tampons
play_circle_filled Eco Menstrual Innovations
Eco Menstrual Innovations
Diva Cup Gives Pads and Tampons the Green Boot
play_circle_filled Late Night Mockumentaries
Late Night Mockumentaries
'The Late Night War' by Ken Burns Parodies Leno, Conan & NBC
Monochrome Mockumentaries
Monochrome Mockumentaries
'Thousand and One Words' Photoblog is Quirky
14 Feminine Hygiene Products
14 Feminine Hygiene Products
From DIY Sanitary Napkins to Designer Tampons
20 Peculiar Products for Your Period
20 Peculiar Products for Your Period
Men, Consider Yourself Forewarned
play_circle_filled DIY Eco-Sandals
DIY Eco-Sandals
Crocheted Grocery Bags Make Sensible Plarn Shoes
play_circle_filled Mockumentary TV Webisodes
Mockumentary TV Webisodes
Michael Cera and Clark Duke Shine in Online Series
Bag and Yarn Heads
Bag and Yarn Heads
Unusual Skin-Free Busts and Facial Studies by Paul Graves
play_circle_filled Mockumentary Viral Marketing
Mockumentary Viral Marketing
The Hatfield Hot Dog Howitzer
play_circle_filled Mockumentary Fashion Show Crashing
Mockumentary Fashion Show Crashing
Sacha Baron Cohen As Bruno in Paris
Garbage Crochet
Garbage Crochet
The Barkerbell Recycled VHS Tape Crochet Bag
White Pollution Ban
White Pollution Ban
China Bans Plastic Bags
Top 12 Plastic Bag Alternatives + XPosed! Grocery Bag
Top 12 Plastic Bag Alternatives + XPosed! Grocery Bag
Not So Fantastic Plastic
Not So Fantastic Plastic
Time To BYOB
Biodegradable Plastic
Biodegradable Plastic
New Plastic Dissolves in Sea Water
San Francisco May Ban Plastic Grocery Bags
San Francisco May Ban Plastic Grocery Bags