Diva Cup Gives Pads and Tampons the Green Boot

 - Feb 18, 2010
References: divacup & sandrawinn.net
Going green during that red time of month is now easier than ever with the Diva Cup. Menstrual cups were used long ago before disposable sanitary pads and tampons entered the picture but they’re back and gaining in popularity.

The Diva Cup, made with silicone, can greatly reduce our carbon footprint because it’s reusable for at least a year. I know, I know, "Ewwwwww," but I can honestly tell you that once you learn how to remove and insert the silicone wonder, the ick factor is a non-issue.

As a forty-year old woman who gave birth to two children (concerned about the stretching of my vajayjay) and one with a heavier than normal flow, I admit being a bit skeptical of the Diva Cup. I braved buying my first one a few weeks ago, used it, and will never go back to the cotton mouse or feminine napkin (more like diaper) again! No leaking, no doubling up on pads, and more importantly—no wondering whether or not I forgot to remove my tampon.

Be sure to check out the Diva Cup website for proper sizing and answers to any questions you may have such as: Does it leak? Is it messy to take in and out? Can I wear it with an IUD?