The Barkerbell Recycled VHS Tape Crochet Bag

 - Jun 21, 2008
References: etsy & geeksugar
I never would have guessed a crochet bag would be cool - ecocool that is. With tons of VHS tapes languishing around what is an eco-artisan to do? Crochet this black bag with yards of VHS tape! BarkerBell on Etsy really lives up to the reuse part of the three R's of recycling for even the trash bag used as the fused lining first saw use as a drop cloth for art projects. So the bag, except for the handle and zipper, ss made entirely from recycled plastics.

BarkerBell markets their goods as vintage, altered art and upcycled. Upscycled describes this bag well for it has been resurrected! The bag only just sold but if you are interested in other treasures from trash bags, there are more crochet plastic bags in the store. Or contact Barkerbell might well have more VHS tape available to whip up this unusual recycled accessory.