From Stunning Soda Can Jewelry to Garbage Necklaces

 - Oct 26, 2011
One man's trash is said to be another's treasure, and this couldn't be more true with all of the emerging artists tapping into the creation of upcycled accessories.

From necklaces to bracelets, from bags to brooches, so many items that were once destined for the dumpsters are being made into fashionable furnishings for an environment-friendly outfit. In a world where going green is now a glamorous statement, jewelry made from broken records or Starburst wrappers are just as coveted as diamond-decorated bling. The coolest and most convenient thing about these eco-conscious adornments is that while saving the planet, you can even save some money to tote around in those awesome garbage crochet clutches.

The outfit add-ons comprised of recovered materials are multiplying rapidly, and the upcycled accessories are making reducing, reusing and recycling the three most stylish steps in fashion awareness.