Earth's Journey Eco Art Gallery For Green Chic Discoveries

 - Dec 29, 2008
References: earths-journey
We've kept tabs on green treasures made of recycled products for a few years, and love the creativity one man's trash can inspire in another creative man's mind. A new up-and-coming eco art gallery was founded based on this same awe; provides a "search by trash" section which allows people to search for the work of eco artists based on the 'tools' they need to craft their works.

If you let your mind's innate desire to spin fantasies run wild, a quick click through the Earth's Journey gallery is sure to spark some of your own ideas to unlock the potential to craft green masterpieces.

Categories include beach glass, bottles/cans, broken glass, found wood, gemstones, organics, paper, plaster/clay, plastics, recycled fabrics, recycled metals, rocks, trash/garbage and an upcycled section.