From Postage Stamp Earrings to Upcycled Ammo Rings

 - Jan 30, 2012
As eco-consciousness spreads due to the threat of global warming and the effects of the global economic situation, everyone is tightening their grasp on their wallets, and eco-friendly jewelry is a booming hobby on the Internet that proves an effective way to stay stylish when faced with either or both struggles.

Thanks to some very creative individuals on the web, there are now plenty of examples of ways to create meaningful accessories that won't break the bank or hurt the environment. By recycling old materials into one-of-a-kind eco-friendly jewelry, one can bypass the lines at the mall and create something completely unique that no one else will have. As society experiences a shift toward "do-it-yourself" living in times of economic change, there is plenty of inspiration out there if you're stuck on ways in which you can create a piece of eco-friendly jewelry from something you probably forgot you owned.