The Vintage Recycled Jewelry by Indigo and Oscar is Awesome

If a day has not gone by that you didn't adore you mother's china cutlery and its timeless pattern, then the Vintage Recycled Jewelry will make your day.

This special vintage jewelry is made from recycled china that is usually found in junkyards. The best feature of this funky jewelry is that each piece is handmade and not mass-produced. Thus, you can be sure your necklace is one-of-a-kind. The vintage porcelain is made of 'blue and white' china and a silver serpent chain.

Located in the heart of France, Indigo and Oscar is the company behind this jewelry, which is sure to complete that retro look the fashion industry is going mad over. So now you can own a piece of Vintage Recycled Jewelry made of pure porcelain and never envy your mom's china again.