Jewelry by Ken + Dana is Eco-Friendly, Ethical and Fabulous

Today's consumers have taken great steps to lead an environmentally friendly, organic and all round ethical and conscious lifestyle, with companies such as Ken + Dana making a holistically eco-conscious life that much more realistic. Design collective Ken + Dana have provided another way for you to "green" your life with their line of eco-friendly engagement rings. Ken + Dana aim to create jewelry that reflects cutting-edge style and is produced in a way that is respectful to the environment and those involved in the process of creating the jewelry.

They strive to source precious stones from areas that are not war-torn. Ken + Dana supplement this with small-scale mining techniques that are not damaging to the environment, and they use recycled metal as much as possible.
Just when you thought these rings were too good to be true, the below $2000 price tag proves that these Ken + Dana eco-friendly engagement rings are easy on your conscience and your wallet.