These Upcycled Accessories by Lana Manis are Stylishly Scholarly

 - Mar 15, 2011
References: simplejoyspaperie & dudecraft
For the more literary fashionistas out there, these awesome book cover bracelets by Lana Manis offer a unique combination of scholarly influence and upcycled ingenuity.

Made from a number of vintage book covers carefully preserved from her other paper creations and an assortment of upcycled fabrics, these book cover bracelets capture a unique and warm aesthetic that will definitely appeal to both readers as well as style-savvy shoppers worldwide.

Where Lana Manis' remarkable book cover bracelets really shine, however, is in their creative application of an old and often forgotten material. As books age, they inevitably lose their spines, and when they are too far gone for repair, ideas such as Lina's are a fantastic way to turn what would otherwise head straight for the trash into something useful and valuable.