From Bags to Jewelry, Add Elegance with These Eco-Chic Accessories

 - Nov 17, 2012
Being eco-friendly doesn't mean that you'll have to sacrifice style, as seen with these upcycled eco-chic accessories.

As it gains more momentum, the green movement is expanding across all sectors of global economies from home decor to fashion, which is where these beautifully designed pieces step in. They exude a certain elegance and add a more organic feeling to any outfit. Aside from style, these accessories help to reduce waste and fuel rural communities with sustainable employment, which further increases global demand for products that cause less harm.

Also included here are some fantastic DIY tips and tricks to help turn last year's trends into a hip new item that saves time and money. Often what is created will surpass other fashions available on the market and will certainly please the savvy eco-friendly fashionista.