Sacha Baron Cohen As Bruno in Paris

 - Oct 6, 2008
References: vogue
We already told you Sacha Baron Cohen crashed the Milan Fashion Week catwalk disguised as a flamboyant Austrian fashion journalist. Despite getting in trouble there, he continued on to Paris Fashion Week.

Sacha Baron Cohen has shed his persona as Borat in favor of a new alter-ego, Bruno.

At Milan Fashion Week "Bruno" actually made his way onto the stage of the Iceberg show after sneaking his way past security using fake IDs. When Sacha Baron Cohen and his comedic crew hit up a second show, security finally caught up with them.

They made it to Paris anyway. Bruno sat front and center at the Stella McCartney show "with his red thong clearly visible above his jeans," according to Vogue UK.

Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Male, his Borat-style mockumentary, his theatres in May.