- Jun 22, 2012
As culture becomes more open-minded, events like Toronto's Pride Week grow exponentially in popularity, spawning a variety of pride week wins.

Toronto has become a welcoming and bustling hub for the LGBT community and is even set to host WorldPride 2014! The fact that there even is 'WorldPride' is a testament to how accepting society has become. However, being gay or lesbian does not come without debate, as Obama's controversial support of gay marriage clearly displays. With endless coverage of the social issue in the media, from being featured in Anti-Gay PSAs or from invasive coverage of same-sex celebrity weddings (the tabloids cannot get enough of Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi), pride week is the perfect place to showcase all LGBT-supporting paraphernalia.

So how can you participate in the spirit of Pride? March in the parade on July 1st, sport an 'I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It' shirt or drink from a rainbow-adorned vodka bottle -- the possibilities are endless.

From Sassy LGBT Greetings to Same-Sex Spousal Graphs: