Stan Lee Unveils Thom Creed, High School Basketball Player

 - Jan 21, 2009
References: telegraph
Stan Lee has recently announced that he'll be unveiling the world's first gay superhero in a new UK TV drama that follows Thom Creed, a high school basketball player, who is trying to hide his newfound powers and developing sexuality.

Unfortunately, Stan Lee forgets that there are many gay superheroes currently in the comic book universe, one of whom is Northstar from Marvel Comics.

For a full list of LGBT superheroes check here

Implications - There is a real sense of excitement from comic book fans and those who appreciate the influence of comics on pop culture about the introduction of a gay superhero. While many believe it was only a matter of time, as television has become increasingly gay-friendly to reflect the changing norms of society, Stan Lee intends to ensure the first gay superhero is a real success.