Answer Tennessee's Don't Say Gay Bill With "It's OK to be Takei"

The famous gay actor and activist who made the Star Trek character of Mr. Sulu come to life has a special message for those who have made it illegal to talk about homosexuality in Tennessee's schools: He says to tell them, "It's OK to be Takei."

With good-natured wit and humor, Takei takes on the recently passed legislation and encourages everyone to use his name instead of the word gay. He reasons that "Takei" sounds like "gay" and since he is gay, why not word-swap and circumvent the gay-word ban?

The activist's charitable website is selling "It's OK to be Takei" merchandise (that rainbow Trekkie logo is pretty awesome), and the YouTube video explaining the word workaround is taking off. By the time Tennessee enacts its law in 2012, perhaps everyone will be saying, "It's OK to be Takei!"