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Branded Abstract

Appealing to the personal brand-free Gen Z calls for odd content

Implications - Unlike their Millennial predecessors, members of Generation Z are not consciously accumulating brands, services and products to inform a personal brand. Instead, they prefer a more lighthearted, less self-conscious form of brand communication. This calls for abstract advertising that does not take itself too seriously, illustrating a key difference between these youth groups.
Workshop Question - Where does your brand take itself "too seriously" in the eyes of younger consumers and how can you loosen the reigns for a more relaxed brand image?
4 Featured, 35 Examples:
54,082 Total Clicks
Date Range:
May 16 — Jul 16
Consumer Insight Topics:

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Thew New Bourbon Bacon Sandwiches are Infused with Barrel-Aged Whiskey
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The New Ring Pop Gummies Chains are Edible Jewelry
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Mountain Dew's Super Bowl Commercial Stars a 'Puppymonkeybaby'
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This Sour Gummy Snack Recipe Contains Fruit Juice and Grass-Fed Gelatin
Gelatin-Free Gummies
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Tasty Brand Organic Candy is Free of Artificial Colors and Flavors
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Valentine's Day Vitamin Candies
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Surf Sweets' Organic Fruity Hearts are a Source of Vitamin C
Chicken-Scented Candles
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This Kentucky Fried Chicken-Themed Double Down Candle is a Limited Edition
Chicken Bone Jewelry
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Kentucky for Kentucky is Selling Gold-Plated KFC Bones to Wear
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The New Chips Ahoy! TV Ads are Quirky and Irreverent
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Mila Kunis and Jim Beam are Collaborating for the Brand;s Bourbon
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The ABC's of Kentucky Pays Tribute to the Icons of the Commonwealth
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The Trussardi Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign Stars Greyhound Dogs
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Kentucky Fried Forests Demands that KFC Saves Trees