This Millennial Car Ad Likens a Car-Finding Service to Tinder

 - May 17, 2016
References: zambezi-la & adweek
Zambezi is a Californian communications agency that helped to market the Autotrader online service with the use of a millennial car ad.

The agency cleverly uses a music festival as a setting for its two millennial subjects -- a place that is often considered to be synonymous with freedom. With this, the agency associates its car-finding service with a positive sense of ease and relaxation.

As Adweek explains, the most millennial component of the ad is its connection to the popular dating app, Tinder. Like the dating app, Autotrader allows users to match with a car based on a specific interest or a certain look -- an example being the "Premium Auto" feature which corresponds with the music festival setting. As a boy sits in the back of a crammed vehicle, he browses Autotrader for his dream mode of transport, selecting a spacious SUV, with more features selected as his interests are revealed in the millennial car ad. The commercial ends with the boy and a girl together in a spontaneous romance, working to reflect the freedom that is granted with Autotrader's service.