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Expressive Social

Social media is being used for entertainment instead of function

Implications - Often thought of as excellent ways to gain useful information, social media apps are taking a turn toward being entertaining while connecting users to other members of the same behavioral tribe. Consumers see digital devices as an opportunity to show off their personalities, and apps that take on a more humanized and entertaining role help achieve this goal.
6 Featured, 53 Examples:
260,337 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Mar 13 — May 13
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Crudely Direct Weather Apps
Crudely Direct Weather Apps
The Last Weather App Cuts Nonesense and Tells You the Weather as It Is
Created by Marco van Hylckama Vlieg, the Last Weather App cuts all the nonsense and tells you the weather as it is. You will only need one glance to know everything you need to know about the weather.... MORE
Crowdsourced Men-Rating Apps
Crowdsourced Men-Rating Apps
Lulu Lets You Comment and Fact-Check on Boys Via Mobile
If you’re rating men in your head, you can now download an iPhone app to share your thoughts to see what other women have to say. This somewhat-exclusive platform of “girl talk” includes the... MORE
Feline-Translating Apps
Feline-Translating Apps
The Human-to-Cat Translator Allows You to Speak to Your Feline Friend
The Human-to-Cat Translator claims to be able to convert human speech into a series of meows that your cat will be able to understand, essentially allowing you to converse with your cat. The... MORE
Creepy Face-Altering Apps
Creepy Face-Altering Apps
Face Stealer Allows Users to Blend Faces With Images for Obscure Results
If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like if your face was blended with a work of art or a what a child would look like with a partner, then the Face Stealer app is just the ticket to... MORE
play_circle_filled Wacky Photo War Apps
Wacky Photo War Apps
The Competitive CollegeHumor ‘Bout’ Game Will Test Your Selfie-Ta
With the newly updated CollegeHumor ‘Bout’ game for iPhone, you can have photo-taking wars with anyone, anywhere. ‘Bout’ is like a cross between Instagram and Draw My Thing; you have to take... MORE
Name-Guessing Apps
Name-Guessing Apps
This Software can Somewhat Accurately Guess Someone's Name Based on Variables
Nothing breaks the ice with a stranger than a fun name guessing game. However, much like how smartphones have destroyed the classic factual bar debate, so too will they take away the name guessing... MORE

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20 Fascinating Food Photos
20 Fascinating Food Photos
From Studded Bananas to Flying Food Photography
Streamlined Social Media Rebrandings
Streamlined Social Media Rebrandings
The New Instagram Logo is Softer and Even More Contemporary
Instant Photography Mobile Commercials
Instant Photography Mobile Commercials
Apple iPhone 5 Photos Every Day Ad Targets Instagrammers
play_circle_filled Social Media Tagging Adaptations
Social Media Tagging Adaptations
'Photos of You' Introduces a New Way of Tagging Instagram Friends
play_circle_filled Self-Promoting Diva Stunts
Self-Promoting Diva Stunts
Shameless Maya Celebrates One Year of Unabashedeness by Shaving Head
play_circle_filled Vibrating Undergarment Apps
Vibrating Undergarment Apps
Durex Fundawear Helps Couples Regain the Sense of Touch While Apart
play_circle_filled Smartphone Photo Framing Apps
Smartphone Photo Framing Apps
The Pixuru App Turns Mobile Photos into Works of Art
Girly Cleaning Supplies
Girly Cleaning Supplies
The Dollhouse Brush and Dustpan Set From Fred Flare Makes Housework Fun
Personalized Photo App Coasters
Personalized Photo App Coasters
These Instagram Image Drink Coasters Tell a Pictorial Story
Beautiful Typography Photo Apps
Beautiful Typography Photo Apps
The Over App Allows Smartphone Users to Overlay Fonts on Pictures
Purrfect Alternative Alphabets
Purrfect Alternative Alphabets
Bethany Lekos Creates an Entire Typeface from Cat Tails
Reversed Feline Portraits
Reversed Feline Portraits
Strays by Arne Svenson Showcases Backwards Cat Photography
Communist Social Media Captures
Communist Social Media Captures
The Asia David Guttenfelder Instagram Image Posts Are Novel
Colorful Cat Apartments
Colorful Cat Apartments
The Catissa by Mojorno is a Contemporary Home for Precious Pets
Knife-Based Feline Portraits
Knife-Based Feline Portraits
The Aja Apa-Soura Images of Cats Use Palettes to Produce Artwork
Playful Cat Typography
Playful Cat Typography
The Feline Font Generator Turns Words Into Cute Kittens
DJ iPad Apps
DJ iPad Apps
The Traktor DJ App By Native Instruments Allows You to Customize Tracks
play_circle_filled Intelligent Calendar Apps
Intelligent Calendar Apps
The Tempo App Helps Busy Individuals Organize Their Lives
Subtly Eerie Cat Illustrations
Subtly Eerie Cat Illustrations
Casey Weldon's Double Eyed Cats Drawings Reference Digital Editing
play_circle_filled Single Feline Dating Sites
Single Feline Dating Sites
The Adult Cat Finder Will Connect You to Hot Single Cats in Your Area
Feline Festival Memes
Feline Festival Memes
SXSW Cat Stereotypes by Traction Captures Entertaining Characters
Fragmented Girly Collages
Fragmented Girly Collages
Anna Kovecses Illustrations are Delightfully Whimsical and Girly
Toy-Resurrecting Apps
Toy-Resurrecting Apps
The Tamagotchi iPhone App Lets You Relive Your Childhood
Cat Meme Tweet Translators
Cat Meme Tweet Translators
Twitter Recently Launched a New LOLCat Language Setting
Corporate Transparency Apps
Corporate Transparency Apps
Bizvizz Wants to Help Make You a Conscious Consumer
play_circle_filled Girly Doll Restaurants
Girly Doll Restaurants
The First Official Barbie Cafe is Completely Hot Pink
play_circle_filled Crowdfunding Apps
Crowdfunding Apps
SellanApp Lets Anyone Gain Funding and Connect with Developers
Intriguing Identification Animations
Intriguing Identification Animations
Recognition by Manuel Fernandez Explores Smartphone Tech
play_circle_filled Endangered Animal Activist Apps
Endangered Animal Activist Apps
This Trailer Shows the Wonderful WWF Together iPad App
Facial Recognition-Thwarting Glasses
Facial Recognition-Thwarting Glasses
The Privacy Visor Keeps the Wearer's Identity Under Wraps
play_circle_filled Self-Parking Robot Systems
Self-Parking Robot Systems
Audi Shows Off a Fully Automated Parking System at CES 2013
Massive Macaroni Art Installations
Massive Macaroni Art Installations
Tom Deininger Creates a Macaroni Portrait for Charity
Planetary Snapshot Apps (UPDATE)
Planetary Snapshot Apps (UPDATE)
The ‘Earth as Art’ Book is a Stunning Look at Nature
Girlishly Athletic Fashion Campaigns
Girlishly Athletic Fashion Campaigns
The Nasty Gal 2012 Lookbook Gives Sporty Classics an Update
Blind Spot Eliminators
Blind Spot Eliminators
The A Plus Pillar Displays Surroundings in Real-Time in the Front Beams
Weather-Ready Gadgets (SPONSORED)
Weather-Ready Gadgets (SPONSORED)
Stay Warm This Fall with These Handy Devices
play_circle_filled Weather Station Smartphone Apps
Weather Station Smartphone Apps
Netatmo Will Forecast the Climate in Real-Time
Infographic Interface Weather Apps
Infographic Interface Weather Apps
The Partly Cloudy App Delivers Forecasts with Detail and Design
Color Gradient Meteorology
Color Gradient Meteorology
The ‘Solar’ App Displays the Weather in Real-Time Colors
Virtual Macaroni Artwork Apps
Virtual Macaroni Artwork Apps
The Kraft 'Mac & Cheese' iPad Tool Allows You to Play with Food
Whimsical Weather Forecasters
Whimsical Weather Forecasters
The WTHR iPhone App is Simplistic and Beautifully Designed
Polygonal Pop-Culture Icons
Polygonal Pop-Culture Icons
The ‘Poly' iPad App Renders Images with Angles
play_circle_filled Phone-Manipulating Tokens
Phone-Manipulating Tokens
Sony Xperia SmartTags Help You Perform Functions Quickly
play_circle_filled Facial Recognition Product Dispensers
Facial Recognition Product Dispensers
Sanden Vending Machine Provides Extreme Customization
play_circle_filled Guaranteed Perfect Weather Getaways
Guaranteed Perfect Weather Getaways
Virgin 'Book By Weather' Ensures Ideal Travel Conditions
Intelligent Smartphone Redesigns
Intelligent Smartphone Redesigns
The iPhone 4S is a Brainier Upgrade to the iPhone 4
play_circle_filled Online Identity Alterations
Online Identity Alterations
Lose Yourself with the Digital FaceTracker Face Swap
play_circle_filled Pearly-White Password Apps
Pearly-White Password Apps
The Visidon Applock Uses Facial Recognition to Protect Your Android
Simple Weather Apps
Simple Weather Apps
Shine for iPhone Gives You the Forecast at a Glance
Crowdsourced Weather Apps
Crowdsourced Weather Apps
The Weddar App Lets You "Check Into" the Weather
Dating Sites for Lookalikes
Dating Sites for Lookalikes Will Match You to Your Emotional Twin
play_circle_filled Outwitting Face-Finding Software
Outwitting Face-Finding Software
CV Dazzle by Adarm Harvey Outsmarts Facial Recognition
Candy Stripe Lingerie Ads
Candy Stripe Lingerie Ads
The Hot Lingerie Campaign isn't for Bad Girls Only