This Software can Somewhat Accurately Guess Someone's Name Based on Variables

 - Apr 12, 2013
References: & bitrebels
Nothing breaks the ice with a stranger than a fun name guessing game. However, much like how smartphones have destroyed the classic factual bar debate, so too will they take away the name guessing game.

In all seriousness, this is a seriously impressive feat of software engineering that is still a work in progress. Andrew Gallagher, a scientist at Cornell University, designed the name guessing software by creating a database of trends in faces with certain names from public Flickr photos.

Coupled with published information about age, common names during birth years, and facial recognition technology, the software currently has a four percent chance of guessing a name properly. A 'New Scientist' test found that it detected seven percent of their names accurately. Soon enough, this software will probably know more about why your name is what it is more than your own parents do.