Lose Yourself with the Digital FaceTracker Face Swap

 - Sep 22, 2011
References: vimeo & buzzfeed
Change your online identity with the FaceTracker Face Swap, a groundbreaking piece of technology that digitally alters the look of your face. Using a picture that you select, the device takes the chosen image and uses facial recognition to plaster it over top of your own face. Users are now able to instantly transform into a beautiful supermodel or a hunky celebrity with this shape-shifting modification.

Ever wonder what you would look like as the sultry temptress Marilyn Monroe? Thanks to the FaceTracker Face Swap, you can fool friends and family into thinking you are the reincarnated actress with this cleverly crafted tool. This non-surgical alteration technology can now satisfy the craving to cosmetically alter oneself without ever going under the knife!