From Pocket-Sized Toy Replicas to Super-Small Speaker Gadgets

 - Jun 5, 2012
These endearing miniature concepts showcase a shrunken design concept. Whether it is is food, furniture or fashion, the compression of these products has become a fixture of modern frameworks, delivering entirely adorable sets and goods to itty-bitty enthusiasts.

Pocket-sized toy replicas and super-small speaker gadgets have been sold to those with an inclination towards all things petite. Standing in stark contrast to super-sized drinks and meals, the visionaries behind these ventures have opted for a minimalist approach, brandishing the theory that less really is more.

Aside from their aesthetic allure, these tiny undertakings are also environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of material used and the subsequent waste involved. As many inventors appear to be catching on, a proclivity towards the small-scale may begin to take shape.