Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau Turns Old Watches into Two Wheelers

 - Mar 7, 2011
References: & odditycentral
Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau is a Brazilian artist who has almost half a century of art and sculpting experience under his belt. Pfau's second passion to sculpting is motorcycles. Since the 1960s, he has owned many different types of motorcycles and loves to modify them.

Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau wanted to combine his love of sculpting with his love of motorcycles. Pfau says that he has seen many motorcycle miniatures created with wood, wire, pottery and other materials, but never has anyone taken apart a wristwatch and turned it into a motorcycle model.

Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau collected a series of watches through a store that had an incentive when you traded in your old watch for a new one. On weekends, Pfau then came to craft these minuscule masterpieces that are timeless works of art.