From Matchbox Art Galleries to Miniature Matchbox Gardens

 - Mar 5, 2013
These darling miniature matchbox designs are all interesting interpretations that range form technology products to some not-so-miniature matchbox dollhouses.

Matchboxes are interesting for the fact that they are compact and nicely shaped. They evoke the desire for functional recycle after they've been used. Although there are mass quantities of them around, people don't seem to want them to go to waste.

While some people reuse them for storing small items, such as earring and buttons, artists take it a bit further and create extensive projects with them. Many have used matchbox surfaces as their painting canvases and others as direct inspirations for certain product designs.

This small selection includes exhibits some of these that designs ranging from matchbox art galleries to matchbox fragrances to even designer matchstick necklaces.