The Grain 'World's Smallest Sushi' Challenge Will Make You Hungry

 - Sep 3, 2011
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Let me start off by saying that I love sushi more than any other food on the planet, so the Grain 'World's Smallest Sushi' challenge is absolutely fascinating to me. The project was thought up and developed by Dave Seah, Hwee Chong Chan and Jody Yeoh and involves exactly what it says: creating the smallest sushi in the world.

The Grain 'World's Smallest Sushi' project has the following message: "Are we so consumed by all things big that we lose ourselves in them? What if fulfillment rests on a grain? What if we can find purpose in small things? Like humility, simplicity, and even significance? Take rice, the staple food for the world. A grain so humble and infinitesimal. Yet, a cradle of life for so many. Seek out the small. For within them, we find greatness."

The point of the challenge is to raise awareness about the simplicity of food and the tendency of the Western world to take for granted the abundance of food that is available.