Autonomous Nano Quadrotors are the Most Futuristic Invention Yet

 - Feb 2, 2012
References: engadget & news.cnet
The GRASP Lab at the University of Pennsylvania has developed autonomous quadrotors; what seem to be replicas of the airborne Decepticons from the most recent Transformers movie. These little flying machines can fly in packs with seamless coordination and will have anyone watching their progression feel excited for technology, but a little worried for humanity.

The autonomous quadrotors are designed for aggressive formation flight. This means that they can fly through obstacles by changing their formations if need be and in circumstances where a jet is to malfunction, it will safely remove itself from the formation. They have gotten significant trajectory movement that gives them the ability to space out evenly for various patterns -- even flying in figure eights.

These flying creations from the GRASP Lab can be implemented in a variety of scenarios.