From Brain-Controlled Quadcopters to GPS-Guided Flying Drones

 - Apr 2, 2014
Quadcopters have really taken off in recent years and have a wide variety of applications not merely confined to entertainment. Quadcopters have taken over from other kinds of flying toys and robots because their four-rotor structure makes them stable and able to fly in every possible direction. Their unique structure also enables them to perform flips and other tricks, making them popular toys among young children and experienced RC enthusiasts.

Quadcopters are increasingly being used as camera-mounts as they can go places where regular cameras can’t. They can be used to capture unique shots at sporting events, or can document natural disasters from close range.

These versatile flying machines vary wildly in size; some can fit on the palm of your hand while others are much bigger. Quadcopters also vary in their control mechanisms; some require remote-controlled assistance while others are fully autonomous and can travel pre-programmed routes.