Drone-Powered Hoverballs Make Quidditch a Cinematic Reality

 - Mar 22, 2014
References: metro & motherboard.vice
The cinematic-inspired Hoverball replicates the Golden Snitch from the beloved fantasy Harry Potter series.

Throughout history, the ball games we have played are all designed around the basic laws of physics. What if there was a ball that could hover around in the air on its own terms? The Hoverball surely can.

Jun Rekimoto is the engineer behind this fantasy Hoverball that will change the way we play sports, and pave the way for new sports. This floating ball is "simply a micro-quadcopter embedded inside a spherical plastic frame," and can fly through the air at any speed and direction, and even dodge players, like the real Golden Snitch.

This exhilarating advancement in the world of sports enables the opportunity to dream up some brand new, gravity-defying ball games that will forever change the way humans interact with balls.