The Smart Quadrocopter Learns from Its Mistakes to Score

 - Oct 5, 2012
References: youtube
The Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control (IDSC), located in Zurich, Switzerland, has developed a new smart quadrocopter that is equipped with learning abilities.

A quadrocopter, also known as a quadrotor, is an aircraft that is powered by four propellers. IDSC demonstrates the smart quadrocopter's learning capabilities by attaching attaches three of them to a net and playing ball. The aircrafts can toss and easily catch the ball. Each copter works in conjunction with the other like a team, readjusting the tension on the new with every toss. When it comes time to throw the ball into the designated area, the quadrocopter initially fails, but it's evident that the algorithm that IDSC implemented shows that the machine is "learn[ing] from experience" as it inches closer each time and eventually succeeds.