Flyingbuddy2 Moves and Captures Images Via Basic Thoughts

 - Sep 5, 2012
References: popsci & dvice
Flyingbuddy2 offers a fun pastime and a bird's eye view for paralyzed individuals. Flyingbuddy2 is controlled by basic thoughts, which is yet another example proving that the use of holographic avatars to attain immortality might be the future of human beings. That said, Flyingbuddy2 takes two pieces of technology that has been seen before and combines it for something new and exciting.

Developed by researchers at Zhejiang University in China, Flyingbuddy2 can be utilized as a second set of eyes for motor-impaired people. By providing a perspective that even able-bodied individuals can't achieve, Flyingbuddy2 will be give them quite the advantage.

Flyingbuddy2 is set to be presented at the Ubiquitous Computing Conference in Pittsburgh later this year.