Take an Outdoor Vacation on Land or Water with the Sealander Caravan

 - Sep 10, 2011
References: sealander.de & bornrich
Not everyone is willing to rough it out in the wilderness, so for that crowd, the Sealander Caravan will be the best thing for them to bring on an outdoor adventure.

The Sealander Caravan is a convenient miniature home that's perfectly suited for anyone to hang out at in the wilderness. The size is reasonable and will probably fit about six people. Glass panels surround the top providing a wonderful view of the surrounding area; blinds can be accommodated if privacy is needed. On either side of the Sealander is a bed and makeshift table. At 380Kg, this will be easy for the car to drag and its shape allows for it to float on water.

Want a comforting outdoor vacation? Grab the Sealander Caravan and enjoy nature comfortably.