KK Outlet Converts to Pop-up Store for the Amos Miniature Plastic Workshop

 - May 12, 2011
References: kkoutlet & hypebeast
The KK Outlet, a London-based communications firm, has converted itself into a pop-up shop to host the Amos Miniature Plastic Workshop. This is the first time an Amos retrospective is being held in London and it's generating quite a lot of buzz for both parties involved.

The workshop displays classic vinyl creations by Amos. Those with a keen eye will be able to spot Amos' interpretations of pop culture icons including Hello Kitty and the Beatles. Amos' toys are all definitely whimsical and childlike, but putting them within the context of a gallery allows viewers to appreciate the artistic merit of Amos' creations, which would have otherwise been overlooked had the items been presented in common toy stores.

The Amos Miniature Plastic Workshop will continue to run until the end of this month and will sell specialty items that are unavailable elsewhere.