'LEGO Space Shuttle' Clip Shows Oaida Raul's Homemade Spacecraft

The 'Lego Space Shuttle' clip literally features a miniature LEGO space shuttle put together by Oaida Raul that was lifted into space with an attached camera. The camera delivered breathtaking footage of the shuttle hovering above the Earth's atmosphere.

The LEGO space shuttle project's main obstacle was gaining flight clearance so that the teenage Oaida Raul could send off a toy shuttle into space. Regardless, it was made possible as he moved his project over to Germany for the flight. The LEGO Space Shuttle clip features the aircraft hovering just over the Earth and the video capture is brilliant. The contrast between the complete darkness of outer space and the neon blue glow of earth is positively breathtaking and to believe that Raul managed to get a LEGO rocket ship up there is even more incredible.