Florian Tremp Creates and Photographs Magnificent Miniature Models

Florian Tremp is a Switzerland-based creative that makes and photographs these remarkable miniature sets. All of his images are of dioramas that he has hand crafted himself, mainly using pieces from model railways.

What's truly remarkable about Florian Tremp's micro-scenes is the detailing that makes the photographs appear like they are of real places. Each picture looks as if it could be a still from a movie scene, and with photography techniques like tilt-shift, it's even more convincing.

One of Florian Tremp's series titled No Country For Small Men recreates farmlands, deserts and diners in an incredible fashion. It's almost as if he's literally taken a chunk of the real world and shrunk it down to minuscule size. From the construction of the scenes to the photographs of the sets, Florian Tremp displays an extraordinary creative mind.