Capturing Organic Chaos in Various Cities

 - Apr 19, 2012
Big, bustling cities are brimming with energy and contrasts, offering entire worlds of inspiration for creative works such as the metropolitan photography featured here. There are countless backdrops to draw on: the rushing rivers of pedestrians streaming along streets, all going their separate ways yet, for a time, sharing the same gum-splattered, coffee-stained sidewalk; the wealth of large corporations and banks literally towering over down-and-out homelessness sprawled out in a doorway; the seediness of dark alleys giving way to the shimmering pride of skyscrapers. These contrasts provide photographers with rich and textured environments in which to ply their trade.

From decadent fashion shoots to obscure conceptual photography, the works featured here each capture some aspect of the urban landscape. Whether it is a sultry closeup set against the flickering lights of a skyline or gritty candid street photography, these pieces are all true to their settings.