The Charles de Vaivre NY Rooftop Series Captures the Big Apple's Big Secrets

 - Jun 7, 2011
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In New York City -- the city of massive industrial skyscrapers -- greenery is the last thing you expect to see, but the Charles de Vaivre NY rooftop photo series captures a different perspective on the city everybody thinks they know.

As a part of an upcoming book on those delectable secret gardens and terraces of the big apple, the French photog jumped from roof to roof snapping these photos of the city's hidden gems.

These extravagant rooftop gardens, only accessible to the city's elite citizens and tourists, offer brilliant views of the celebrated skyline as well as the wildly decorated greenery some of these rooftop landscapes have to offer. The landscapes of these gardens are works of art in and of themselves, but de Vaivre's brilliant photographs add that extra element of fresh and captivating beauty that makes this series so special.