The Grapevine by Chris Schiavo Documents the Idiosyncracies of American

 - Jan 28, 2010   Updated: Aug 16 2011
References: chrisschiavo & mocoloco
Chris Schiavo photographed this series which reproduces typical suburban imagery. What's unusualâ€"and highly entertainingâ€"about the photos is that each is more than just a typical scene. There's more to the story than that, as there should always be with great photography.

Particularly admirable about this project is the fact that Chris Schiavo created all of these scenes in order to photograph them. There was no digital manipulation or liberal use of Photoshop. Chris Schiavo's work is good, old-fashioned art.

Implications - The Grapevine by Chris Schiavo is a reproduction of typical suburban imagery. The scenes are taken right out of American Suburbia. There is certainly a mystery that pervades these photos. What is really interesting is that Schiavo created all of the scenes of this photographic series himself.