From Bodacious Bombshell Lookbooks to Sultry Sixties Shoots

 - Jul 1, 2012
These Brigitte Bardot-inspired innovations reflect the unmistakable influence this actress-turned-activist has had on the fashion industry.

From her classic beehive hairstyle to the iconic smoky eye, looks popularized by this French temptress continue to dominate makeup and wardrobe trends today. Her laid-back and beachy style, which integrated many large hats, high collars and bust-enhancing tops, is still evident, and is a standout example of the fine line between sexy and over-the-top. Bardot's style is considerably easier to achieve than other retro looks like Marilyn Monroe, because much of the look involves a slightly disheveled style.

Though Bardot may not be as popular of an actress as she was in the 60s, her legacy lives on in the makeup, style and aesthetic choices of many women.