Candice Swanepoel Interview

 - Dec 2, 2010
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For those who are madly in love with lingerie fashion giant Victoria's Secret, there's no doubt you will know the bubbly and drop-dead gorgeous blonde bombshell Candice Swanepoel. Fans are most likely still on a model-high due to the scintillating visions of supermodels gracefully strutting down the runway during this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Known for her sizzling photo spreads, bodacious body and sweet face, Swanepoel is a successful supermodel taking over the world of lingerie one sexy pose at a time.

We had the opportunity to ask Candice Swanepoel a few questions about her favorite trends and predictions in lingerie and this is what she had to say:

7 Questions with Candice Swanepoel

1. What is the next upcoming lingerie trend?

Well, as you can see there is a lot of leopard print and the newest bra called 'The Player' has a lot of it. It's super sophisticated, sexy and it's a great new bra!

2. How did you get involved with Victoria's Secret and what motivates you to continue?

I went to a casting for the show, the annual show, and surprisingly got it! And from there I started working with catalogs and it's been crazy since then I suppose.

What drives me? I mean, I have the best job in the world! Everybody can vouch for that (laughs).

3. Of course! How do you define cool?

How do I define cool: someone who is super comfortable with themselves, are not afraid to be different â€" just their own person.

4. What is your favorite Victoria's Secret set?

I would have to say the 'Miraculous' bra which is all of our favorites. It comes with a lacy panty, which is one-size-fits-all, in every color you can imagine. So yeah, that's super sexy. It gives you two sizes so you feel voluptuous and like a bombshell!

5. What is the most out-there lingerie set you have ever seen?

The set I really love is the 'Balconnet' bra. It reminds me of the Maryln Monroe. The shape is gorgeous and very, very elegant, which I like, so that's my favorite one.

6. What's your favorite fashion trend?

I like a lot of velvet. Maybe some leggings and with a cute dress.

7. What do you predict in the future for lingerie?

Hopefully it's going to get sexier and sexier and sexier! You know Victoria's Secret is pushing the boundaries with color, with patent. And for me: lace is always the sexiest, so hopefully there will be a lot more of that!