'Baguette Bardot' Channels Bridgette Bardot With Baguettes on Each Arm

If you like Bridgette Bardot and are feeling hungry, then a taste of 'Baguette Bardot' is sure to get you dancing. This Japanese performance artist enjoys placing a baguette on both arms and then singing along to Bridgette Bardot's most famous numbers. The best part is, it's all sung in Japanese.

Due to the nature of her performance, this artist has been coined as 'Baguette Bardot,' and her video definitely speaks to a unique spin on classic Bardot tunes. The artist is featured in various locations performing an eclectic range of tasks. At times, these images do have sexual connotations -- viewers, beware of the slightly naughty content.

Whether or not you enjoy the tunes of the real Bridgette Bardot or even eat baguettes, a quick glimpse at 'Baguette Bardot' will definitely pump up your bizarre quota for the day.