Jean Francois Theriault Shows the Peaceful Side of Las Vegas

 - Mar 25, 2011
References: artefakstudio & mymodernmet
When people think of Las Vegas, they think gambling, strippers and an epic night out. Jean Francois Theriault ditches all that and captures a very different side of Sin City.

Most pictures of Las Vegas consists of large shiny billboards, flashing lights, and large hotels. Jean Francois Theriault’s photographs depicts a much calmer side of the city that most don’t see in movies or ads. The images portrays Sin City as a deserted place that’s incredibly striking and beautiful. An empty pool, a closed liquor store, and an empty street shows that even Vegas needs its rest.

These Jean Francois Theriault photographs of a deserted Las Vegas is hauntingly beautiful. For those who have wondered if the city ever sleeps, these images will prove to you that it does.