The Jessica Hess Urban Landscapes Identically Imitates Reality

 - Sep 21, 2011
References: jessicahess & mymodernmet
When you experience the realistic paintings of artist Jessica Hess, you can’t help but thinking that in this case life imitates art. The detailed recreation of urban landscapes allows her to achieve astonishing realism.

Hess photographs decaying city objects and graffiti walls to create an identical version of her photos employing oil and canvas. Impressively, her paintings become a vivid representation of everyday urban places. She explains in an interview, "You have the architect who designed the building, the street artists that alter its surface, Mother Nature tearing it all down, and me, taking it all in."

At first sight you will be absorbed by the verisimilitude of the paintings to a real metropolitan landscapes; you’ll hardly notice that it’s not a real photograph, which is why Jessica Hess’s work is worth notice.