Bloomberg's New 'Midtown in Motion' Initiative Transforms New York City

 - Jul 21, 2011
References: newyork.cbslocal & gizmodo
Bringing the full technological capacities of the NYC to light, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is launching a new, city-wide operation called 'Midtown in Motion,' which hopes to monitor traffic, reduce congestion and improve efficiency in the growing metropolis.

As so-called 'Alpha Cities' continue to expand and consume smaller, neighboring towns, it's incredibly important to regularly re-evaluate the blueprints of the city, so as to ensure all the gears are running smoothly. By deploying a huge network of cameras, microwave sensors and E-ZPass readers, Mayor Bloomberg hopes to collect information on the city's driving habits and accordingly play around with traffic lights and turn signals.

This is a seemingly mundane detail of city-preserving, but it's incalculably important. Metropolitan centers like London and Paris develop at a slower pace because of their rarely revised, often-confusing city plans.