The Doug Keyes 'Collective Memory' Project is a Real Doozie

 - Dec 2, 2011
References: & mymodernmet
In many ways, Doug Keyes portrays a drive down to the city: tall skyscrapers of office towers and other landmarks of majestic proportions, the mesmerizing city lights and pedestrians crossing the streets.

However, just exactly how much can one person remember the things he or she sees as they were at the end of the day, say, after a long, hectic day of work or running errands? Unless the human brain can "CTRL+S" everything, and I mean everything, then it's not possible to save all of the images we collect.

Seattle-based photographer Doug Keyes presents his 'Collective Memory' collection of images, which constitutes of multiple exposure photographs that aim to record one’s journey along a particular locale. According to MyModernMet, Keyes’ goal "was to record what the eye doesn’t see but the mind retains."