This Alva Bernadine Photo Series Portrays the City in a Strange Light

 - Mar 20, 2012
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In this Alva Bernadine photo series, London takes on a wonky, almost psychedelic quality. The photographs depict the metropolis more in the style of the Beatles’s ‘Abbey Road’ than that of the buttoned-up bankers who populate the city.

The technique used in the Alva Bernadine photo series is such that shapes are twisted and disproportionate, as though reflections in a carnival fun-house. Big Ben is severely bent out of shape, looming ominously over the foreground. The atmosphere of the series is generally uneasy. The surreal aspect of the photographs entice the viewers sense of curiosity; however, the almost alien perspective invites a sense of suspicion as well.

This series provides a fresh perspective on an ancient city.