From Sleek Outer Space Photoshoots to Haute Galactic Gear

 - Jul 18, 2013
With the popularity of Sci-Fi movies and television shows continuing to gain momentum through mainstream society, there's no surprise as to why these galactic fashion spreads are incorporating geeky movie references as a way to connect with mainstream viewers.

The on-going popularity of such films as the Star Wars saga combined with recent cinema releases of big name Sci-Fi flicks such as 'Star Trek Into Darkness' has brought back themes of space and galactic references that people just seem to love. By incorporating those space-age references into fashion editorials, marketers are able to connect with a more youthful and hip generation of individuals who will be able to instantly recognize and connect with these themes.

From spaceman-inspired lookbooks to space creature couture, these galactic fashion spreads are a great indication of how influential movies are to this modern generation.