The 'Lost in Blackpool' Editorial Includes Futuristic Fashion

The 'Lost in Blackpool' editorial for i-D Magazine is like a futuristic daydream. This spacey editorial takes place at the Pleasure Beach amusement park in Lancashire, England. The beauty and fashion featured in this flashy editorial are extremely funky, ranging from choppy neon hairstyles to metallic detachable wings.

This colorful theme park editorial has the overall feel of a bizarre dream or a futuristic video game. The strange sluggish poses in these captures help underline the odd nature of the editorial.

This wondrous amusement park series has an eerie sort of beauty to it. The merry-go-round and arcade room stir up magical childhood memories in the observer. The futuristic fashion and off-beat nature of the 'Lost in Blackpool' editorial makes it hard to look away.