The Bonsai ‘Tree in a Can' Product Conceals Petite Plantlife

 - May 1, 2012
References: branchhome & uncrate
The Bonsai ‘Tree in a Can’ product conceals a miniature, user-friendly slice of plant life. Although only 3.5" in diameter, the piece includes a lot, with an aluminum-ensconced tin of dark sand soil and the seeds of a black pine tree. The petite take on wilderness here is as much adorable as it is practical -- the perfect addition to a cramped office windowsill or a crowded cubicle space.

This product is sold on behalf of the Branch Home brand, which hones in on herbivorous products. This particular ware however is one of the first of its kind to release an teeny take on the tree, and if the cute size was not enough to entice consumers, it may also be replanted within larger pots. This aspect of versatility is a crucial feature that is often sought after by garden enthusiasts.

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