Lie-Detecting ATMs and Music-Making Attire are Peeks Into the Future

 - Apr 20, 2012
There are no limitations in the boundless world of technology. Scientists and digital specialists have found ways to amplify and improve nearly every aspect of human existence, providing an enticing concoction of aesthetically pleasing products. Many of these products serve practical ends, improving the livelihood of wheelchair-bound patients and foreigners in new countries. These freaky tech breakthroughs are unthinkable, blowing the minds of those who did not know such advancements were even on the contemporary table.

Lie-detecting ATMs and music-making attire concepts have gone viral, hitting the pages of countless gadget-oriented blogs throughout the world. Leading electronic brands are vying for the top spot, releasing the latest in holographics, hands-free automation and miniature computers. These imaginative tech breakthroughs are shaping the course of society, carving out a highly mechanized route.