BodyWave Technology at CES 2012 is Mind-Control Without a Headset

 - Jan 17, 2012
References: freerlogic & gizmag
Another leap in mind-reading has been taken by Freer Logic with BodyWave technology at CES 2012. This is the first time, mind reading and mind control has been made possible without the use of an unattractive headset. Well, without the use of a headset at all. This product measures brain signals through the use of an armband.

BodyWave has three sensors that must be touching skin at the arm, wrist or the leg and reads into users’ attention, cognitive processing, relaxation, anxiety and stress. The signals read by the armband are transmitted to a PC which allows the user to essentially, control it without moving. BodyWave technology can also be used from educational to military purposes giving officials in an array of arenas an opportunity to delve into the heads of their students or personnel to figure out more efficient ways to improve productivity within them.