Gear Up for the 2013 Convention With a Look Back at CES 2012 Unveilings

 - Jan 7, 2013
As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 gets ever closer, take a look back at CES 2012 highlights that include some of the most cutting-edge concepts and unveilings from the internationally renowned convention. The CES of 2012 was the event that kick started the electronics year by highlighting the finest innovations from start-ups as well as seasoned market moguls.

This collection of finds includes the most eye-catching unveilings that have added immensely to the electronics market over the past year. What you'll notice from the fine assortment of innovations on this list is that they range from items that are ready for release, whereas others still require a few tweaks. Nonetheless, each item was featured for the innovation it offered and will likely be back in 2013 with exciting results. The highly anticipated CES 2013 will be taking place on Tuesday, January 8th and running until Friday, January 11th.